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Deep fried butter or doughnut burger?

Yes, I am asking this question.

What would you rather eat? Deep fried butter or a doughnut burger. Both these names catch your attention and shock you into “mind-blasting” thought and visualization. What is this stuff and why was it made?

First lets examine deep fried butter. It is intriguing to say the least. How can you deep fry butter? That’s not just possible is it? But if you look into the ingredients you realize that if there is a will there is a way. There is more than just butter to satisfy your taste buds. The “deep fried butter” is actually butter balls battered in funnel cake, then fried in oil and later topped with your choice of “high antioxidant” raspberry or chocolate(in an attempt to sound healthy); or the run of the mill caramel or vanilla sauce and of course nice bit of icing sugar on top. Do you want to try it just because it’s at your local fair and probably the only chance you’ll get to try it? Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be fried in trans fat free vegetable oil.

Secondly, there is a doughnut burger available in Portland Oregon of all places. It starts of as a regular beef patty with cheddar cheese. But then there is a twist, instead of hamburger buns, sweet doughnuts are used on both sides of the patty. Hence a sweet and salty combination.

Will you succumb to savvy marketing?

Do you want to try something different, just this once?

Does the thought of them make you  nauseous or giddy?

Would you avoid them all together?

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Dr. Dhillon, ND

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